Never skip Coffee in the Morning 

I did not have my coffee this morning. I drove to my interview and dropped my phone in a puddle full of mud. I then proceeded into my interview. It was nice, for me?? I'm not sure of that yet. 

I then returned home to a leaky ceiling over my side of the bed, directly over my laptop. Good thing my laptop case was one because it absorbed all the water. 

My husband came hike for lunch and it is nice to have some U.S. Time knowing that later on in your lives we won't have that much time for ourselves. We both bought some running shoes so we could stay in shape, and man, I bought Dr.S sneakers and they are literally the most comfy shoe to walk in. There is one route I have been desiring to run, but I'm not sure if I should run by myself. These days women are not safe on the streets alone and well, I'm not trying to test anything. 

I am still recovering from being sick and there is one thing that helped me the most. 

Steam and Essential Oils

Fill one small bowel of boiling water and 3 drops of euqualyptus and peppermint essential oil. Then put a towel over your head and stay like that for 5 min. Afterwards wipe your face with a dry towel. This really helped me to breath more easily and got rid of all of my congestion. Try this to open up your pores as well. 

14,000 things to be happy about: 


5 Replies to “Never skip Coffee in the Morning ”

      1. Oh dear. It sounds like you made a decision that works for you and your husband! And now a baby on the way? How exciting!

        Sorry for posting the same comment twice.


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