I am growing in numerous ways these days. I am growing physically, due to baby Lila, and spiritually. 
A women can not exactly prepare to be a mother. She can buy all the things that she will need, but she’ll never be ready. It’s something that you don’t exactly get practice at because every baby is different, and even if she has been a baby sitter for others, this time it’s her baby. 

God tells us in Epeshians 6:1-4 the instructions to children. Yes, children are to obey their parents, but we, as parents, are to not provoke them to wrath. That can be difficult, but when you look at it, why would you want to do this? Now, I’m pretty sure not all parents walk around and plan to make their kids mad, but why not constantly be praying and thinking about not provoking them. Constantly envolving our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives should not be a chore, but something we love to do because He is our Father. 

Growing to make your home a place of peace. The women of today want to be just like the men of this world. Earlier in my life I desired this too, but growing closer to God I realized that I was not following His commands for my life, but rather the desires of this world. Women are to be the homemakers. Husbands, do you want to come home to a dirty, chaotic, angry home? I don’t think you would. Proverbs 21:9 and 19 both speak about how a husband rather be somewhere else then at home with a angry women. Relinquish your anger women. If your angry all the time, are you allowing the spirit to work within you? Are you looking at yourselves and really, truly asking yourselves,”is there anything that you can change in me God?” We need to ask these questions. Don’t think about how God should change your husband or children, but rather yourself first. Your no good to people when your working in the flesh. 

Study Proverbs 31 this month. Take 1 verse and study it each day, write it on a flash card and stick it in your pocket, on your fridge, or in your bathroom. Even put a reminder on your phone with the verse so your constantly reminded to grow in the Lord.  


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    1. Yes. I’m all for not having violence against women because God tell man to love women as they love themselves well as in their wives. But, women are not suppose to be equal to men. God made us different so we are to be the woman God desires/ calls us to be not what the world thinks we should be.


      1. So what are your thoughts on women who practice Christianity yet feel their calling is to work and provide for their children in a way that wasn’t provided in her original upbringing? Where do single Christian mothers fall in your range of thinking and faith when they cannot not afford the luxury of being homemakers and must venture out in order to care for her children? I do believe that feminism is inherently about equality, as in a woman’s choice should be her own and she should not be seen as subordinate or less than capable because of her gender. In our patriarchal society, it is acceptable for men to make their choices, abide by their faiths and govern himself as he sees fit. Feminism asks for that similar respect to be attributed to women as well. 🙂


      2. If you read Proverbs 31 it talk about how the women goes out and buys a field and plants a vineyard she makes clothes. She does numerous things to make sure that her family, her household, is taken well care of. A women can go out and work, but if her husband is able to provide for them her job is at home with her kids.


      3. Women are to be subordinate. It says so in Genesis 3. The husband shall rule over the.(Genesis 3:16) this is because of the fall, because of her sin. A women’s choices are to come from God and the Bible, as should a mans. We should not think that we have the best choices for our lives, we are to pray and ask God to make those choices. We are not less than capable of doing things. It is just not our role. There is manhood and womanhood and we are to follow Gods word on how He desires us to love our lives.


  1. I’m a little confused now. In an earlier discussion you and I had (on one of your previous posts), you took the position that as a gentile, the Old Testament is not to be followed, but merely regarded as historical. Could you please enlighten me as to why you are now following the Old Testament currently? I’ve always seen the Bible as a depiction of the norms and mores of that era. In essence, I use the overall meaning behind what is presented on the page. With Proverbs 31, which I’ve read a handful of times, I saw it as a declaration that a person is to provide for their household through positive means that they are capable of. For example, we now can utilize stores to provide us with the produce needed for nourishment and are therefore not confined to only having to use means of agriculture. After all, travel then was much more laborious then as opposed to now. What are your thoughts, Angela? I’m intrigued by our discussions.


      1. Ok, that is all fine. The thing is is that Jews still believe that they are under the Jewish law because they don’t believe that Jesus is the Som of God. Jesus took us out from under that law, but they still follow it because, like I said, don’t believe that Jesus is who he said he was. Proverbs is not Jewish Law. The Laws are in Exodus and Leviticus.


  2. Wow! My girlfriend and I were studying Proverbs 31 a couple weeks ago! She’s so inspired to work with her hands more and wants to do all she can to serve our Lord! I definitely believe men should be the providers and women the homemakers. It’s what He wants for us to fulfill. Keep up the awesome posts and journey with you’re faith. What’s you’re favorite verse in that chapter?

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    1. Sorry that I have not responded sooner. It is hard to choose just one verse to say, :this is my favorite.” The entire passage is so rich with wisdom and instruction, as well as encourgement!!


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