Autumn 2016


It is beginning to look alot like autumn out here in Nebraska. The weather is chilly, thunderstorms frequently make an appearance, and school has begun. I am grateful that Maury doesn’t have an overloading school schedule this semester and is experiencing pediatric nursing during clinical’s (which hits home for him now).  I am a woman that needs to trust in God more than I do right now. Maury has been experiencing pain in his left knee and so he has not be cleared to wrestle. Yesterday, the doctor informed us that his meniscus had been torn. He will be having a surgery and will literally only be down for a day. So, the recovery is not hard and that makes me happy, but i honestly just don’t like the thought of him being put under. I am not very fond of drugs and anesthetic drugs are strong. That is the thing I’m most worried about. If Maury and his coach decide he can wrestle, he will begin wrestling in December, so he would loose a month of mat time. Either that, or he red shirts this year, which means he would not wrestle this year and would wrestle next year instead. Maury assures me that this surgery is minor and it seems like it is, I am just not to fond of any of it. Anyway, I am praying for wisdom in this situation and also for God to calm my worrisome heart.

On a high note, Lila is finally giggling!!!! It is the most adorable thing ever!! She is currently asleep (knocked out) in her swing. In the morning she literally always demands for me to play my guitar and if I stop while I’m playing she will cry. She sings along, smiles, and laughs while I play and in the end falls asleep. My voice calms her down when she is fussy and that could be because I played my guitar and sang while she was still in my belly.

I am passing the days with chores, cocoa peppermint coffee, candles, and the making of Ezekiel bread. So far, only one loaf turned out good! I love this time of year and can not wait till the leaves change color. Halloween is just around the corner and then thanksgiving!!! We are ready for the holiday’s and I know Maury is excited for the snow again as well. Maybe this year we will actually make a snowman!!! lila-and-mama-2016-autumn

Mama Lemons

Hello everyone, I do realize that I have not written in over 3 months, and i am sorry for that!!! Raising a child is absolutely no joke. I love my daughter and she is growing so much, its sad! Our days consist of waking up around 7 am, feeding (breastfeeding exclusively so far), music time (me playing my guitar, singing hymns), and a Bible devotion ( she usually takes a nap after this while i play the guitar again just to soothe her).  While she takes her first nap of the day i try to do some type of chore around the house. This might be making the bed, putting laundry in the washer or dryer (usually folding because I do not like to fold so there is always clothes to fold :0) also, laundry never seems to be done right??? Also, there are dishes to be cleaned and a house to tidy up from the night before. I am not usually tired because i have already had my coffee and Lila tends to sleep 12 hours at night now!! Woooowhoooo!!!!!  I also forgot to mention that when we first wake up in the morning, our dog loves to run around the house to let us know that he needs to go outside to use the ba-troom. He then proceeds to bark at the door until we let him back inside.

I have recently started my own personnel Bible study. Its quite simple since i don’t have enough time on my hands to do an extravagant one. It just consists of reading through the Psalms and writing down all of the ‘I wills”.

Currently, the leaves outside are beginning to fall and Lila is waking up from her little cat-nap. I have a dirty diaper to change and a 3 month old baby to entertain!!! Which, in my opinion, is not always easy to do.

This fall my goals are to learn how to make bread, create more yarn wall hangings, go on a hayride, dress Lila for Halloween, and to spread the Gospel to the people around my family. To tell them to give thanks to the Lord, and for giving His Son to die for us, because without Jesus, we would all be doomed!!! So far, I have only done some of these things and that is what I tend to improve.

I don’t think I’ll write every week, but i will sure try to if I can!!