Creating Hygee



I mentioned in my last post that we should all adapt the culture of Hygee. I have heard countless of times that you can’t actually translate the dutch word hygee to any one english words. Hygee can be described as meaning things. his includes coziness, being together, and having a warm home. My mind goes to many places when hygee is spoken of.

  1. Candles are lit everywhere-especially ones that have cozy smells! (apple-cinnamon, vanilla, caramel cinnamon roll, peppermint, and wintergreen)
  2. If I had a fireplace this too would be lit
  3. Books to snuggle and with
  4. Blankets for guests to use (and yourself)
  5. Soft music playing in the background
  6. Warm foods and drinks prepared
  7.  A clean home so you don’t drive yourself crazy surrounded by clutter

These are just the things that I think of, but everyone has their own definition. Either way, when autumn and winter are among us the best thing to do is keep your sanity.  You want to be warm, but you don’t necessarily want it to be summer. i am currently adapting the Hygee lifestyle and displaying it within our home. Here are couple pictures to show you what I exactly mean…

3 Replies to “Creating Hygee”

    1. I agree with most of it. It is true that people want to re-create scenarios from their childhood-I love to do that because I do miss my parents.
      I also agree with the fact that when you do become a Christian you realize that nothing in this world will satisfy you-only God will and that takes away the depressing feeling of longing for something or someone.
      I do love the concept of Hygee-I just love my home to feel cozy and inviting. Somewhere that you can sit on the floor and just hang out.


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