Lila’s Book Adventure


I have always loved to read. While I was a teenager and all my friends were on Facebook or out, I was reading. I was reading partly because I wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook and was too rebellious to go out, but that’s besides the point. 🙂 Reading was always an escape for me. I could be in my room for hours and be completely content. My family sometimes felt obligated to drag me out of there to do something else!! They knew that I loved to read so most of the time they let me be.

Now that I am a mama, I’d like to pass along my little hobby to my daughter (and future children). Yes Gandalf, “The world is not in your books or maps, it’s out there”, but it is a start! As a child and adult, you can’t always get away from your day-to-day life to go away on an adventure, so your adventure comes from your books.

Lila’s book adventure began at my baby shower that my church family in California threw for me while we visited in March. The theme of the party was story books. Everyone that attended gifted Lila with a storybook and something special written inside! One book that surprised me was a personal one about my story. One of my best friends mother created a book titled ‘Love Story” about my journey,meeting Maury, becoming a christian, marring Maury, and then Lila! It was special to me and will always be fun to read! At first, I ‘ know what I’d do with all the books. I thought, “what if she doesn’t like books? Also, what if she destroys them?” I now think differently. She loves books! She enjoys it when either I or Maury read to her and she also loves staring at the pictures. I also realized that if I didn’t want her to destroy the books I would have to teach her how to respect the things that she owns.

Lila’s book adventure didn’t end there. As I went to my doctor appointments and then to hers after she was born I would see a pamphlet on the wall about Dolly Parton and books. I never picked it up because I wasn’t really interested in Dolly, but one day I grabbed it while I was headed out the door. Dolly Parton created a organization called the Imagination Library. If you were to sign up your child you would receive one free book monthly directed toward your child’s age. I was totally stoked about this. So now, Lila has a book in the mail every month. Whenever I bring it into the house she honestly gets so excited. All she wants to do is touch it and look at the pictures. If you would like to sign up your own children jut visit this site

Last but not least is the book we already had within our home, The Bible. This is the most important book for Lila. Whenever I have my Bible she wants to hold it. I don’t allow her to hold my Bible though because she’ll rip the pages, she’s not aware of her own strength yet 😉 At least she can’t rip her books apart. The Bible will teach her how to become saved, how to love her Savior, Jesus’ life, and much, much more. So, Lila’s book adventure will continue and I will continue to read to her. Don’t forget to read to your children and babies. This will help them in school and will hopefully create a love for books!!!



Here are some books from my baby shower…


Here are books from the Imagination Library that I have received so far..image

Matthew 19:14  (King James Version)

14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.



*Every Bible verse that I share will be from the King James Version

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