What is in my Diaper Bag? 

So, what is in my Diaper Bag? Well for one, diapers. 🙂

Since Lila has been born I have used the diaper bag that matches the stroller and car seat, but now that we bought a new car seat I figured we needed a new bag. I really like this bag because it has an installation pocket for food. I also love it because its a backpack and therefore Maury can hold it too!! So, lets get started on what is actually in the bag.


I carry chapstick in the front pocket because since its winter my lips are always dry-also because if I didnt put it in this pocket, I would forget it everytime.


Next pocket is my favorite (as you already know), the instalaltion pocket! I carry lila’s pouches in here. It’s never the same mix, but she loves food so I always gotta have it with me!!



This pouch has her Rice Cakes. If im busy and can’t feed her by the spoon, she can eat these on her own. Also, I carry a comb now because her hair can get really crazy. The next two pockets are on the side and contain Lila’s BIB’s and either my wallet or anything else of mine that I feel like having with me.



This top pocket features my Mommy Hook that my sister gave me along with Lila’s (and sometimes mine too) snack cup. She is not really fond of cherrio’s yet, but this is what I carry with us.



This is another one of my favorite things about this bag. There is a spot to put your wipes!! The bag actually came with a wipe case, but we dont buy the type of wipes that you can just put in a case so I figured I would just place the bag in here anyway. To me it’s easier!!

Now on to the main part of the bag. In here I carry Mr.Chickey ( Lila’s favorite stuffed animal- it usually always makes her happy-usually). Then there is the two pockets for bottles. One has her diaper rash cream and the other her half apple juice and water bottle. This bag came with a changing pad so that is in here as well along with her size 4 diapers!!! I carry a burp cloth with me as well just in case something happens because we all know that accidents do happen! The last things in the bag are two more toys to keep her occupied. The toys vary, but I try to carry something that she can bite on because she is teething bad and a toy that makes noise. These two do that job so that is why their most likely always in the bag.


These pictures are just the outside of the bag.  I wanted to show that the back has some good padding and also how wide it is. I would totally recommend this bag to every mom and dad. Anyway, I’ve ranted long enough, but keep in mind that this bag is affordable and very convenient!!! Go out and get one!!












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