Feeling Stuck 

Everyone has felt stuck at some point in their lives. I’ve been really thinking about this sticky feeling for the past couple of months now. This being my husbands senior year in school, a lot of things are coming to a close. New things are also happening around here with our little girls due date fastly approaching as well! So of course that is something to be excited about!! 

 But when I say I feel stuck this is what I mean. One of my favorite past times is scrolling through Pinterest and looking at homes and the style within them-this leads me to want to personalize our home. Two reasons I feel as though I can’t is 

1. We’re renting (at least our house is all white so I don’t get stressed out with paint color I don’t like) 

2. My husbands last year of school!!! That means, moving. Moving where? Staying where? 

So many things to do or not to do and it can really make a person feel stuck. I also don’t want to always look at pictures on Pinterest and think, “Oh, I’ll do that someday,or when we buy our own place.” I want to live in the moment, not like we’re on the move constantly. So, how do I get out of this funk??? Well, here are some things I thought of… 

Respect that your renting, but Enjoy! 

Even though we rent our house, that doesn’t mean that I can’t make it our own. I constantly live in fear of making holes in the wall for things, but I always seem to forget that you don’t have to make holes!!! Now-a-days they have tacky or Velcro we can use!! 

Make a decision 

The decision is….moving. Moving where? Staying where??? This decision needs to be made, in my perspective, before this school year starts. We don’t want to be scrambling and going crazy while he’s in school. So, I’ve got to really bunker down and think hard on this. 

Get rid of unnecessary stuff 

I’ve been spending the last week getting rid of things. I’ve gotten rid of books, shoes, and clothes!! But now it’s time to tackle the kitchen and our bedroom. Being pregnant makes me really not want to do things, but at the same time makes me want to do a whole lot!!! 

This may have been a boring post for you or maybe you feel the same way, but whatever you got from it know that you need some joy and balance in your life. Mine are my family and church, which both make me happy!! Here are some posts from my Pinterest that I love-This is the style that I’d like to cultivate within our home!! Enjoy! 🤗😊