The days before baby #2

It’s week 38 over here. Adeline hasn’t decided to come and join us yet, which is ok because her due date isn’t until next week. I’m feeling so anxious because this time last time, we were already holding our little one in our arms 😍 So, while we wait, I’d like to distract myself with fun activities and things that I should get done.

Within the next week here is what we’re “planning” on doing.

Our “plans” for this week!

1.Visiting a Pumpkin 🎃 Patch!!! We figured that this is going to be the last “big” thing with just us three. I’m really excited about this because this year Lila will actually be able to pet goats, go on the little train, and pick her own 🎃

2.Attempt to vacuum the house corner to corner. I’ll probably be too tired to do it after Adeline comes and why not have the house all clean for when she gets here!!

3.Clean our bedroom!!! The last thing I want is to be tripping over things in the middle of the night while Adeline is crying 🤦🏻‍♀️

Now I want your input!!! What did you all do in the days before you met your little one?!!! I’d love to hear them and maybe do some of them 🤗

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