Life with Two-Under-Two

Crazy, up around the clock, saying the word No at least 1,000 times daily, and having all the love in the world in a small two bedroom house. That’s life with two-under-two.

No, we don’t have a structured or organized daily routine-heck, we sometimes may even wake up at 11am!!! My only concern at the moment is making sure my babies are clean, fed, and happy ( this includes my husband πŸ˜‚). Throughout the day Lila will get into things she’s not supposed to and I’ll get mad and then Adeline decides that it’s a good time to cry, all while my dog is right underneath my feet determined to trip me. So yes, I loose my patience about a bijillion times a day and I forget to pray. That’s my worse mistake I think. How different would my day be if I were to start it off with a devotion and prayer time?! Oh, don’t get me wrong everything would go about the same way, BUT I would be different. My response and my attitude-ooooooo an angela without an attitude and being positive?!! -I can already see the smile across my husbands face wishing for that hahaha I let everything get to me and then you see me kicking a water bottle or throwing a piece of paper (which does nothing by the way but make you more mad because it did nothing 😐) because I’m stomping around the house angry-can anyone relate?!!! So, with two-under-two I’m pretty sure I need to get myself together.

It’s been a month and a half and I think we kinda got this thing a little under control-we’re getting used to it in the least, but I still feel like I need a little more control over my life. Yes yes, you will hear everyone say that the laundry and the dishes can wait, but what they don’t tell you is how long. How long can they wait?? A couple hours, days, weeks??? Noooooo!!! Otherwise your house will consume you alive and you’ll be trying to dig your way out of a disaster! This is the control I’m looking for-control over the never-ending laundry and dishes (like how can we have sooo much of these two when we’re such a small family??!!)

I’d also like to dive into some time for myself for a least 5 minutes so I can have some sanity. Anyone have some favorite alone time activities they would like to share? Here are mine…

1. A nice warm shower!!

2. I’m currently addicted to a game on my phone called 10’10

3. Reading blogs (honestly)

4.binge watching The Hobbit and LOTR over and over again

5. Getting back to the gym-I have been cleared to workout, now it’s just getting there πŸ‘€

Sorry for a long rant, but that’s our life right now-a long rant. This won’t last forever though so we will enjoy this while it lasts ❀️