Breastfeeding 101

Ahhhh the bliss. The calm after the storm. The first time I breastfed Adeline was simple, easy, and enjoyable. Just like Lila I didn’t have to try-breastfeeding should come naturally right?? Fast forward 2 months and I’m not breast feeding, but I am desperately pumping so she can still have some of the liquid gold.

What the hospital doesn’t tell you…. your baby may not like breastfeeding or it may not come so easy to them, your babies latch will not always be perfect, you WILL be crying, you WILL feel ashamed when your not producing enough, you WILL always feel like it’s your fault even if it’s not. You will also hear everyone say “FED is best,” but you will also see everyone applauding those that can breastfeed. You’ll see pictures of women breastfeeding as well as bottles full of milk while you’re getting a lousy 2 oz (if that) when you pump. You will want to try everything known to man that will supposedly boost your supply. This includes consuming a billion calories, drinking an entire ocean (daily), teas, pills, Lactation cookies and smoothies, anything and everything! But your still left disappointed. Your still feeling guilty that your feeding your little precious angel formula👎🏼 (because for some reason you were programmed to think that formula is Satan’s spawn or something like that)

I say all this because this is EXACTLY how I felt and still feel sometimes. Don’t forget that formula cost an arm and a leg! Like why does the industry want to charge so much just to feed your baby?!! Ridiculous. If your feeling all this or more here’s a few tips….

1. Do drink water but probably not to the point where you feel so sick and all you want to do is run to the bathroom and puke (yes, saying from experience 🙈)

2. If your little one is still hungry just supplement-don’t let others make you feel bad about it

3. Wear your baby and love on them because if your not getting that skin-to-skin from breastfeeding get it another way!

4. Don’t forget to love yourself. I tend to not eat until dinner (I know sooo bad) so I really do need to take time out of the day to take care of myself.

5. If you feel like crying then give yourself 5 minutes to cry and then move on. You don’t want to dwell in the sadness-no one wants to have postpartum depression, so cry and move on

So mama’s, let’s encourage one another and be strong! I mean we are raising little ones and I for one think it’s one of the hardest yet most important job out there!!! So be proud, your doing great!!

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