Sweet Cravings

Have you ever just craved something so badly that you felt if you didn’t get it you’d about die? No? Only me? Well, that’s ok! If you ever do get that feeling try this snack! Since I’m on a no grain, no diary, diet that means no yogurt and no granola. This snack is paleo certified, gluten free, grain free, and non GMO. These days I need to try a little harder to whip up a snack. Just grabbing a candy bar, chips, or soda are no longer my go-to options. I can put this in my favorite Tupperware and toss it in my bag for when I’m out on the road with my kids or I can eat it at home in bowl just like I have pictured below. It’s so easy that I my girls can whip it up themselves as well! You definitely got to go make this for yourself. Let me know if you try this and tag me on Instagram!!

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