Holiday Gift Guide for the Mama in your life

Here is a Young Living Gift Guide for all the Mama’s in your Life!!

There are two different prices. There is the wholesale price, which is for the people that bought a starter kit and are now members, and there is the retail price, which is for people that did not purchase a starter kit and are not members, but that want to buy a single product. To get the wholesale price, be a member, and get your Premium Starter Kit, follow this link and sign up with me today!

Body Butter Collection

Wholesale $59.75

Retail $78.62

Stress Away Roll-On Essential Oil Blend

Whole Sale: $29.50

Retail: 38.82

From our Fields to your Table Cookbook!

Whole sale: $16.75

Retail: $22.04

Natural Quartz Eyeshadow Palette

Wholesale: $55.00

Retail: $72.37

Premium Starter Kit

Wholesale: $165.00

Retail: $165.00

Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs

Wholesale: $25.75

Retail: $33.88

Would you like the Wholesale Price?

Sign up under me and get that Price!


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