Loving on our Babes

Loving on our babes. It’s the most important thing to me right now. We were blessed with healthy babies, but can we take that for granted? For sure. After hearing “mom mom mom” for the hundredth time in a row, I can get a little crazy, anyone could, but the past few days I’ve been thankful for all those. I GET to hear “mom” a hundred times and more. I GET to clean up after my girls. I GET to kiss owies and even fake owies. I GET to hear little Adeline tell me that the cracker is broke (smushed) over and over again. You see, I GET to do all these things and I am so thankful.

This past week a little sweet babe Evy, 9 months old, passed away from brain cancer. I’ve cried, I’ve mourn, and I still am. Honestly, I don’t know how to not continue mourning for this little one. Her smile is just sunshine and her mother is such an amazing loving Godly women. I wish that I could have half the faith she pours out of her heart. It’s so humbling. I feel such pain for her.

I’ve seen so many other posts this week about other babies that have passed as well and it just makes my heart so devastated about the pain this world endures. I thank God that all these sweet and beautiful babes are with the Lord in heaven and that one day we will all be reunited.

Hold and love your babes. Thank God for the little things that we can take for granted in the every day to day life. Give extra kisses and have extra patience.

Sweet baby EVY angel 👼🏻 ❤️ #foreverevystrong


Menu Planning

Menu planning-it just makes life so much easier! I do mine every Saturday for the upcoming week. I stress enough throughout the day and so having all our meals planned is just perfect 👌🏼 so let’s dive in!!

I try my best to make our meals all organic and something that Lila would like to eat as well! Maury doesn’t really care what I make, but he does asks for only one thing-plant based meals. I do my best to only have a few meals with meat throughout the week. We buy most of our food from either Trader Joe’s, Costco,or Bakers Grocery. They all have good selections if your shopping organic.

Here is a lay out of the weeks dinners (if you can’t understand my writing 😄)


Shepherd’s pie


Roasted Tomato Soup


Burrito Night


Roasted Veggies and Rice (like a casserole)


Annie’s MAC n’ Cheese with Chicken


Chili and bread


Homemade chicken Noddle Soup

If you would like the recipe to any one of these I’ll gladly write it up!!!

They’re are many items missing from the picture up above! That would include Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese, the 4 different types of beans I use in our chili, the chili mix, etc. Meal planning can be overwhelming and difficult, but I make it easy by scrolling through Pinterest!!! I have numerous recipes under my pinned!! This is also where I got my free menu planner printable! Go check out my Pinterest page and hit that follow button to see the other recipes and free printables I pin in the future!!!

Here is the link for the free Menu Planner printable!!!


Who’s First?

When it comes to your life who should be first?

Well, for starters God should be first. He should be your first and top priority of everyday, but who’s next? You always hear people say God, others, you-but is that necessarily healthy? The hubby and I were talking today and he pointed out that I always put the girls before myself and that’s not particularly good. Which made me stop and think, why shouldn’t I put the girls above myself?? He then explained what he meant. His words exactly,”Angela, sometimes your first meal of he day is dinner because you don’t sit down and eat.” Ohh wow, that’s true. So then I proceeded to think about others things I don’t do for myself. I’ll brush Lila’s hair and forget about mine, I’ll change her bedsheets before mine, I’ll get her dressed for the day and not myself, I get her to bed at a decent time and I stay up past midnight. Obviously something has to change. The hubby then continued to say that if I want to take good care of the girls and be less stressful, I need to take care of myself. So who is first?? (Again, besides God) I guess I’ll say me. Yes, you need serve others, but you don’t need to neglect yourself either 👍🏼