Sweet Cravings

Have you ever just craved something so badly that you felt if you didn’t get it you’d about die? No? Only me? Well, that’s ok! If you ever do get that feeling try this snack! Since I’m on a no grain, no diary, diet that means no yogurt and no granola. This snack is paleo certified, gluten free, grain free, and non GMO. These days I need to try a little harder to whip up a snack. Just grabbing a candy bar, chips, or soda are no longer my go-to options. I can put this in my favorite Tupperware and toss it in my bag for when I’m out on the road with my kids or I can eat it at home in bowl just like I have pictured below. It’s so easy that I my girls can whip it up themselves as well! You definitely got to go make this for yourself. Let me know if you try this and tag me on Instagram!!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in your Life

Do you need gift ideas for the men in your lives??? Well here is a Young Living List for you!

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First up…

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Wholesale: $77.25

Retail Price: $101.64

Wholesale Price: $20.25

Retail Price: 26.64

Wholesale Price: $15.00

Retail Price: $19.74

Wholesale Price: $20.25

Retail Price: $26.64

Wholesale Price: $26.75

Retail Price: $35.20

Wholesale Price: $16.00

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Mama in your life

Here is a Young Living Gift Guide for all the Mama’s in your Life!!

There are two different prices. There is the wholesale price, which is for the people that bought a starter kit and are now members, and there is the retail price, which is for people that did not purchase a starter kit and are not members, but that want to buy a single product. To get the wholesale price, be a member, and get your Premium Starter Kit, follow this link https://yl.pe/bn8n and sign up with me today!

Body Butter Collection

Wholesale $59.75

Retail $78.62


Stress Away Roll-On Essential Oil Blend

Whole Sale: $29.50

Retail: 38.82


From our Fields to your Table Cookbook!

Whole sale: $16.75

Retail: $22.04


Natural Quartz Eyeshadow Palette

Wholesale: $55.00

Retail: $72.37


Premium Starter Kit

Wholesale: $165.00

Retail: $165.00


Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs

Wholesale: $25.75

Retail: $33.88


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AIP at Costco

I go to Costco every 2 weeks. Costco is my all time favorite! Now that I’m on a very strict diet, an Anti Inflammatory diet to be exact, I’m limited on what I can eat. Costco has so many things for me to be able to prepare meals and have snacks!

Here is everything that I got this week!!!

( The Frozen II cereal is for the girls 😍)

Breastfeeding 101

Ahhhh the bliss. The calm after the storm. The first time I breastfed Adeline was simple, easy, and enjoyable. Just like Lila I didn’t have to try-breastfeeding should come naturally right?? Fast forward 2 months and I’m not breast feeding, but I am desperately pumping so she can still have some of the liquid gold.

What the hospital doesn’t tell you…. your baby may not like breastfeeding or it may not come so easy to them, your babies latch will not always be perfect, you WILL be crying, you WILL feel ashamed when your not producing enough, you WILL always feel like it’s your fault even if it’s not. You will also hear everyone say “FED is best,” but you will also see everyone applauding those that can breastfeed. You’ll see pictures of women breastfeeding as well as bottles full of milk while you’re getting a lousy 2 oz (if that) when you pump. You will want to try everything known to man that will supposedly boost your supply. This includes consuming a billion calories, drinking an entire ocean (daily), teas, pills, Lactation cookies and smoothies, anything and everything! But your still left disappointed. Your still feeling guilty that your feeding your little precious angel formula👎🏼 (because for some reason you were programmed to think that formula is Satan’s spawn or something like that)

I say all this because this is EXACTLY how I felt and still feel sometimes. Don’t forget that formula cost an arm and a leg! Like why does the industry want to charge so much just to feed your baby?!! Ridiculous. If your feeling all this or more here’s a few tips….

1. Do drink water but probably not to the point where you feel so sick and all you want to do is run to the bathroom and puke (yes, saying from experience 🙈)

2. If your little one is still hungry just supplement-don’t let others make you feel bad about it

3. Wear your baby and love on them because if your not getting that skin-to-skin from breastfeeding get it another way!

4. Don’t forget to love yourself. I tend to not eat until dinner (I know sooo bad) so I really do need to take time out of the day to take care of myself.

5. If you feel like crying then give yourself 5 minutes to cry and then move on. You don’t want to dwell in the sadness-no one wants to have postpartum depression, so cry and move on

So mama’s, let’s encourage one another and be strong! I mean we are raising little ones and I for one think it’s one of the hardest yet most important job out there!!! So be proud, your doing great!!

Adeline’s Birth Story

On October 25th, Wednesday morning, I woke up at 6:30 am. The contractions have begun. I wasn’t too positive that they were real contractions or Braxton Hicks, so I stayed up for awhile to make sure that they were frequent and well, painful. At around 7:45 am I determined that they were real. They were reoccurring every 8-10 minutes and we’re getting stronger-nothing I couldn’t handle so far. I woke up maury,who didn’t believe that they were real and fell back to sleep 😂 He finally woke up and we loaded up the car with our bags-told his mom that we were heading to the hospital and what to do for Lila when she woke up. The pain wasn’t too bad at this time so I naturally begged Maury to go through the Starbucks drive-thru 👍🏼

We then got to the hospital, checked in, and went through the usual procedures of a prenatal visit. They took my vitals, listened to her heartbeat and checked my cervix. I was dilated to 4cm!!!!

They told us that I should walk for about 30 min and to take a hot shower. They wanted my cervix to dilate further and if it didn’t, than they said that I would go home and most likely come back later 😳 We did NOT want that!!

An hour later I was checked again and was 5cm, close to 6!! We were finally able to check in for real and Maury went downstairs and got the bags.

We continued to walk throughout the day and rock back and forth on the birthing ball. I was planning on going through this labor with no epidural. I was in a lot of pain, but that’s what contractions will do to you!! I got off the birthing ball and got back into bed so that I could be monitored. I finally asked for an epidural and the nurse began to do the paperwork or computer work for this.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, a gas mask was being placed on my face and the nurse was getting the doctor and more nurses to come in. The doctor was surprised and wondering what had happened because everything was going so well. I was 7cm-close to 8cm dilated!!! I mean, I was almost there!!!! Adeline was in distress though. Her heart rate dropped below 50 and everyone was really concerned. The doctor than turned to me and said that they’re going to need to get the baby out and that means that I’m going to have to get a C-Section. Honestly, I was already crying at this point because I was scared for Adeline, but once I was told that I needed a C-Section, I cried even more.

Everything after this began to go crazy. I was constantly having contractions, being rolled over from side to side, being checked continuously, and much much more. I was getting IV’s, I had to be shaved, and get a catheter. Again, all while having strong contractions!!! I was in so much pain-I was crying uncontrollably-I knew I probably looked pathetic, but I didn’t even care at that point.

The nurses then rolled me over to the operating room and gave me a spinal anesthetic. That was honestly the best feeling ever!!!! The feeling of the tugging and pulling that the doctor was doing to get little Adeline out wasn’t all that painful-it was more odd than anything. Knowing that your body is open is just the weirdest thing. We finally heard Adeline’s cries and we were all so happy!!!! Finally!!! She was healthy and so was I. It took longer to close me up than to open me so Adeline was done and her and Maury went into our room.

This labor experience was quite different and way more painful than the last, but we still were handed our beautiful baby. No, I wouldn’t want to go through all that pain again, but he’s, Adeline was worth it all!!!

Adeline Reuel Lemons

7 lbs 11 ounces

19 in

Born at 8:47 pm

Wild Animals 🦁🐒🐡🦈

We took our little One year old to The Los Angeles Zoo and The Aquarium of the Pacific!!! I feel as though everything is so much more exciting when you take your little one somewhere! She was able to touch some starfish and splash in water 💦 When she gets older she’ll be able to walk around, which is obviously good and hard at the same time 😂 I’ll post more and more about our Vaca to Cali, but I wanted to get this out there!!! 

Lila’s Book Adventure


I have always loved to read. While I was a teenager and all my friends were on Facebook or out, I was reading. I was reading partly because I wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook and was too rebellious to go out, but that’s besides the point. 🙂 Reading was always an escape for me. I could be in my room for hours and be completely content. My family sometimes felt obligated to drag me out of there to do something else!! They knew that I loved to read so most of the time they let me be.

Now that I am a mama, I’d like to pass along my little hobby to my daughter (and future children). Yes Gandalf, “The world is not in your books or maps, it’s out there”, but it is a start! As a child and adult, you can’t always get away from your day-to-day life to go away on an adventure, so your adventure comes from your books.

Lila’s book adventure began at my baby shower that my church family in California threw for me while we visited in March. The theme of the party was story books. Everyone that attended gifted Lila with a storybook and something special written inside! One book that surprised me was a personal one about my story. One of my best friends mother created a book titled ‘Love Story” about my journey,meeting Maury, becoming a christian, marring Maury, and then Lila! It was special to me and will always be fun to read! At first, I ‘ know what I’d do with all the books. I thought, “what if she doesn’t like books? Also, what if she destroys them?” I now think differently. She loves books! She enjoys it when either I or Maury read to her and she also loves staring at the pictures. I also realized that if I didn’t want her to destroy the books I would have to teach her how to respect the things that she owns.

Lila’s book adventure didn’t end there. As I went to my doctor appointments and then to hers after she was born I would see a pamphlet on the wall about Dolly Parton and books. I never picked it up because I wasn’t really interested in Dolly, but one day I grabbed it while I was headed out the door. Dolly Parton created a organization called the Imagination Library. If you were to sign up your child you would receive one free book monthly directed toward your child’s age. I was totally stoked about this. So now, Lila has a book in the mail every month. Whenever I bring it into the house she honestly gets so excited. All she wants to do is touch it and look at the pictures. If you would like to sign up your own children jut visit this site http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/

Last but not least is the book we already had within our home, The Bible. This is the most important book for Lila. Whenever I have my Bible she wants to hold it. I don’t allow her to hold my Bible though because she’ll rip the pages, she’s not aware of her own strength yet 😉 At least she can’t rip her books apart. The Bible will teach her how to become saved, how to love her Savior, Jesus’ life, and much, much more. So, Lila’s book adventure will continue and I will continue to read to her. Don’t forget to read to your children and babies. This will help them in school and will hopefully create a love for books!!!



Here are some books from my baby shower…


Here are books from the Imagination Library that I have received so far..image

Matthew 19:14  (King James Version)

14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.



*Every Bible verse that I share will be from the King James Version